Murfreesboro Real Estate: Bob Parks Realty #2

According to the Nashville Business Journal, Bob Parks Realty has ranked toward the top of the list for Residential Real Estate firms in Middle Tennessee!!!!!!!

Bob Parks Realty

2011 rank: 2

2010 rank: 3

This firm ended 2010 with 2,848 company sides on a transaction. Gross sales for the firm were $560 million and the average sales price for the year was $204,300.

For 2011, we are up over 30% in sales as a whole for the company! That is very promising news for the recovery of the fundamentally important real estate business and it’s affect on the overall economy.

Murfreesboro real estate is not nearly as devastated as many markets, but we have all obviously been affected by the slump in the economy. The absorption rates of homes on the market is decreasing, and the sales prices will begin to increase over time. So whether you are buying or selling Middle Tennessee Real Estate with Bob Parks Realty, remember that we have over 400 agents cooperating to get your home bought and/or sold, and that choosing me means choosing a team of over 400:)


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