Murfreesboro Real Estate: Selling A Lifestyle

Jackie Hogencamp Murfreesboro, Tn Realtor Sell Lifestyle
I am not a saleswoman. I am not an investment specialist. I am a residential home agent, and I am selling a lifestyle. I work with investors, sure, but I am selling them a means to a lifestyle.

Murfreesboro Real Estate has infinite lifestyle possibilities.

There are some amazing houses on large lots, in rural areas with great outdoor spaces for outdoorsy people, or people who like lots of room to stretch their legs! Check out Springhouse!

We also have some great possibilities for upscale, lifestyle-based residential developments that cater to a more traditional neighborhood feel. Check out Stratford Hall!

Or the newest Urban flair, Swanson’s condo development on Thompson Lane. Convenient to shopping, dining, interstates, and the new MTMC. Check out Gateway Village!

Looking for all-inclusive, resort style living with tons of common areas and amenities? Like new construction? Check out Marymont Springs !

When it comes to a lifestyle, Murfreesboro offers it’s residents a rich and vast variety of options, choices, and dreams.

Murfreesboro offers residents:

First class education, with local schools earning the Governor’s A-Plus Award for Excellence in Education

Middle Tennessee State University, the largest undergraduate university in Tennessee, located in Murfreesboro

Rich quality of life, featuring a lively arts program; a beautiful Greenway Trail System throughout the county; golf courses; soccer and baseball fields; boating and fishing on five area lakes within a one-hour drive.

Desirable career opportunities, with the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics ranking Rutherford County as “first in the U.S. for new job growth”

Annual community events such as the Jazz Fest featuring contemporary jazz concerts and the Uncle Dave Macon Days celebrating old-time music, dance and culture.

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