Bob Parks Realty: The Best of Middle Tennessee Real Estate

Murfreesboro Real Estate has a name: Bob Parks Realty. A┬áreal estate agent is only as good as the tools, resources, and company said agent calls home:) I can be the most gung-ho, hustling, energetic, outgoing agent I can be, but certain tools and resources are necessary for me to maximize the opportunities and market presence … Continue reading

Happy House Hunting

An unexpected super surge in sales in March 2010 has many of us in the industry, and many buyers and sellers jumping for joy. As consumer confidence continues to rise, buyers and sellers continue to become more adapted to the current market, and real estate professionals continue to exude professionalism in our continually correcting market, … Continue reading


The First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit: As the tax credit winds down, we are seeing many people who have not yet committed to a property scrambling to get in under the First Time Home Buyer’s Tax Credit deadline. The tax credit is part of the Worker, Homeownership, Business Assistance Act of 2009. As it … Continue reading

Humpty Dumpty Needs a Good Fall

Home ownership is right on the other side of “the fence.” Now is the time to take the leap, and make the purchase of a new home. It is the best time to do so!!!

Pick an Incentive…Any Incentive…

Alright…so in a down market everyone in the real estate industry turns into a creative marketing machine. Volume down, guard up, value added service in check, and creative marketing implementation on lock! So…what are incentives and how do they affect buyers, sellers, and home sales? Incentives are the way in which some agents are electing … Continue reading

Mortgage Rates and Real Estate In Middle Tennessee

Real estate trends follow economic precursors, and mortgage rates

First Timers and Second Timers and Third Timers….

The extension and expansion of the First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit will affect more buyers and sellers, real estate professionals, and the market as a whole…