Relocating Or Moving Around In Middle Tennessee: Spotlight Nashville

Nashville Real Estate and Community Info   Nashville (Davidson County)  is the capital of Tennessee, and the central area around which Bob Parks Realty’s 11 Tennessee real estate offices area located. Behind Memphis, Nashville is the second most populated city inTennessee. The 13-county Nashville Metropolitan area had a population of more than 1.55 million, according … Continue reading

Relocating Or Moving Around In Middle Tennessee: Spotlight Smyrna

Smyrna Real Estate & Community Info   Smyrna is an ideal location for residents needing easy access to Nashville, Franklin, and Murfreesboro!  Smyrna is located in North Rutherford County; repeatedly voted one of the best counties to live in Middle Tennessee with excellent schools, high employment rate and steady growth. Smyrna is located in North Rutherford County, … Continue reading

Humpty Dumpty Needs a Good Fall

Home ownership is right on the other side of “the fence.” Now is the time to take the leap, and make the purchase of a new home. It is the best time to do so!!!

Mortgage Rates and Real Estate In Middle Tennessee

Real estate trends follow economic precursors, and mortgage rates